RDA Proficiency tests horse care

Carefully developed by RDA Coaching experts, the RDA Proficiency tests form a key part of the wider RDA Education Learning through Horses, Learning for Life’ programme, offering a valuable opportunity to recognise and reward achievement, at all levels of ability.

The RDA Proficiency test programme has been carefully designed to be as accessible as possible, encouraging participants on each step of the way. From Grades 1 to 4, the tests gradually increase in difficulty, providing an attainable challenge within the scope of the individuals’ capabilities and giving participants the opportunity to gain useful, practical knowledge, even at a basic level.

Follow the links below to find fun worksheets and quizzes plus a link to the RDA UK e-learning website to take the Horsecare 1 & 2 levels

Click on the picture to fnd out about

  • How to meet a horse
  • What a horse eats
  • What a horse drinks
  • Where a horse lives
  • Points of the horse
  • Names for parts of the tack

Click on the photo to learn about:

  • The points of a horse
  • Parts of the saddle and bridle
  • Different colours of horses
  • The basic markings of horses 
  • Different pieces of a grooming kit







Click on the photo to learn more about:

  • Points of a horse
  • Parts of the hoof
  • Parts of the saddle and bridle
  • Daily care of a horse
  • Basic horse equipment







Click on the photo to learn more about:

  • Mucking out
  • Different types of bedding
  • Different types of feed
  • Safety on the yard
  • A visit from the Farrier