the horse simulator

sully the simulator

Kindly donated by the Voice of Racing The Sir Peter O'Sullevan Charitable Trust - Sully is the starting point for all our riders.  An invaluable piece of equipment that allows us to assess the needs of the participant and safely give assistance during the mounting/dismounting process before moving on to the horses.  Sully is perfect for a beginner to get a real ‘feel’ for horse riding and will grow confidence and develop riding skills in a safe and controlled environment with a trained coach close by to give feedback and provide support.   The simulator replicates walk, trot and canter and is an excellent way for a beginner to experience all three paces of the horse. 

hoist access

For those who are unable to use the mounting step but want to experience horse riding on our simulator, we have a hoist which will safely and comfortably move the participant from a wheelchair up onto the simulator. The hoist inspected regularly by a LOLER engineer and conforms to current legislation.

perfecting technique

The Simulator is a perfect way to improve riding technique.  He never tires or becomes unresponsive and allows for repetition to improve core stability, promote general fitness, develop body awareness and muscle memory.  The simulator helps riders make small adjustments necessary to create a balanced and more effective riding position.  The simulator is especially useful for rehabilitation work for those returning to riding after injury as the session can be easily adapted to cope with a lack of fitness or a need to have frequent breaks.