Kesteven Rideability is supported by a board of 10 Trustees who lead the charity and decide how it will be run. We comply with all relevant charity laws as well as our own governing document. All of our Trustees are voluntary with some having specific responsibilities. Each person uses their individual skills and experience to support Kesteven Rideability and help it to achieve its aims. Many of our Trustees are involved with the daily activities of the group being either volunteer coaches, volunteers or disabled riders. This gives them a significant understanding of the needs of the group and how best to provide for them.



Our coaches share a mutual passion for helping others enjoy their time spent with our horses.  They are fully qualified and regularly attend training to keep up to date with new, fresh ideas.  Each coach has their own area of expertise that they bring to each session, ensuring a perfect match of coach/participant


Group Coach


Group Coach


Group Coach


Over the past year Kesteven RDA provided just over 460 sessions to 31 participants with the help of 30 volunteers.  This is made possible by our team of horses who show a great empathy with our riders and are sensitive to their physical and emotional needs.


Rio is a Dales pony standing 14 hands high. He has been with us for five years and is ideal for all levels from therapeutic through to our more independent riders . He has won many rosettes with our disabled riders and is a valued member of the team


Fudge is our longest serving pony and has been at Kesteven Rideability for many years. He is calm and measured and knows his RDA job extremely well. Fudge mainly works with the youngest disabled riders we have. He is gentle and kind and is well loved by everyone in the group.


Bob is our newest recruit and is still working his way through our training programme. A welsh skewbald cob standing 14.2 hands high, he is proving to be a good all-rounder and will be a suitable ride for many of our participants in the future.