Thanks to Karen and the team

(March 21, 2013)

Dear Karen & team, Hope you had a good weekend and the horses were good in the terrible weather we had.  I wanted to tell you myself but due to speech problems I decided to write you a letter to say it well. I have this weekend on sunday with Charlie, my husband, been to see my old horse Charm.  I had to give her a new homebecause of my accident and not being able to look after her the way I did before, due to my injuries.  This was 2 years ago and I have seen her every now and again since then.

Her new owner asked if I would like to ride her on Sunday and they helped me on board and I rode in the indoor school.  she was usper and tried her hardest to get my dressage moves right for me.  I practised for 1/2 hour and she stood perfectly whilst Charlie helped me get off.

I have you and your team to thank for that.  I'd have never had the bottle otherwise and i missed Charm loads, My accident is 5 years in October, that's how long it's been since I rode Charm last.  She still remembers our trots but she knows when I wanted to walk.

Thanks to Karen and the team for making me ride again, Regards Tracy xx

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