Volunteers' thoughts on the RDA Holiday @ Clywd Special Riding Centre

(June 06, 2017)

clareclywd"I find the holiday incredibly rewarding, to see the riders grow in confidence and learn new skills with their horse. I think it’s a great opportunity to meet new horses and try out new things in a safe environment. It’s also lovely to see some of the riders come out of their shells with the volunteers. Sometimes on our own yard it’s difficult to get the time to talk to and get to know the others, so the holiday is a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better too." Claire

"A great group experience for riders and helpers alike, the ponies match beautifully giving the riders a wonderful and beneficial experience to carry through with them."  Barbara

"I have just returned from my second Kesteven RDA holiday to Wales as a volunteer. It has been fantastic, more than a successful trip, a confirmation of everything that being a volunteer means to me. Watching and supporting our riders take on the challenge of new horses and a completely different riding environment was amazing. Staying with riders, their family members and fellow volunteers was a unique experience bringing us all closer, a truly uplifting 4 days." Liztrack clywd

"Lovely holiday again with some great volunteers and amazing riders. Such a great atmosphere and everyone joined in to make it such fun. To see how the riders progressed and the smiles on their faces makes it all worthwhile." Ann

"Another fantastic time in Wales, both riders and volunteers get a lot out of the experience. All the riders were wonderful."  Marion

"I love volunteering for the RDA… not only do I get to indulge my life long love of horses but I also get to help less abled people enjoying their passion for riding too and help them to achieve their own goals, however small, which is very rewarding. The people at Kesteven RDA are a fantastic bunch of people to be around and not only have I found a very rewarding pastime, but also a group of amazing people I am proud to call my friends."  Clare

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