Kesteven RDA Coaches

Karen Thompson, B.H.S.I.I./ FRDA
As the main founder of the group in 1988,  Karen is still actively involved with the day to day running of Kesteven group.  " Teaching RDA riders improved my ability as a coach.  It made me more patient and understanding of the riders' needs. I have really enjoyed my long association with Kesteven group and hope that I can help the new instructors gain the same benefits."
Karen has also been involved with the World Class Para Equestrian Programme and UKCC Sports Coach through Riding for the Disabled Association.
Nicky Webber  RDAGC
Nicky has been involved with the group since 1997 when she first came to work for The Paddocks Riding Centre.  After leaving to have a lovely daughter in 2002, she returned as Assistant Instructor in 2008 and enjoys working with the more disabled children. "I love to see the happy smiling faces of the children, sometimes it may be the only time that they really interact with the outside world."

Sarah Harris RDAC

Sarah became involved with the group in 2010 initially as a volunteer, helping in the weekly sessions with both riders and ponies. Inspired by the work of her fellow instructors, Sarah began working towards her own award and is now a qualified group instructor. “I love it; seeing individuals growing in confidence, improving their skills, achieving goals and having fun and knowing that I had some small part to play in that”  

 Liz coach  

Liz Jones RDAGC

Liz began volunteering for the group in 2013, initially supporting riders during their sessions on the horses and on the simulator. This led on to a desire to be more involved with the sessions and with guidance and instruction she was successful in gaining her Assistant Coach award in 2017. "The amazing thing about being part of the team is the real changes you see in the riders. Watching individuals become empowered and confident over time is the most amazing reward."